Mario Villacreses

Palo Alto, CA Contact

I'm a full stack software engineer at

I graduated with a BA in Applied Mathematics, but my startup experience during college left me with an appetite for web development. After college I attended a coding bootcamp, learned full stack web development in Javascript and launched my career from there.


Software Engineer, Apps Team
  • Refactored mobile app codebase, simplifying component structures for greater readability
  • Built csv-to-geojson converter to display realtime visualization of COVID-19 outbreak
February 2020 - present

Knovva Academy

Full Stack Web Developer
  • Developed user interface components in React, reducing component sizes by up to 50%
  • Worked with a cloud architect to build analytics dashboards for project managers and student relationship managers.
November 2018 - January 2020

New World Odyssey Import & Export, Inc.

Co-founder & Webmaster
  • Built and maintained an online catalog of medical technologies using HTML5, CSS, and jQuery
  • Researched and maintained database of U.S.-manufactured medical technologies
November 2013 - May 2014

HFP Capital Markets

  • Catalogued transaction records and customer accounts
  • Prepared transaction reports to streamline the government auditing process
June 2010 - January 2013


Graph Hacks 2018: Buzzword Bingo Hackathon

Winner: Most Complete Project

A recipe recommendation engine built with React, Axios.js, Python 3, and Neo4j graph database platform.

September 2018

NY Sextech Hackathon

Winner: First Place

I collaborated with UI/UX Designers and a certified health education teacher to develop a health education video streaming platform for high schools, built using Firebase & React. The NY Board of Education is considering adoption within select schools.

August 2018


Fullstack Academy of Code

Software engineering immersive focused on full-stack web development using Node, Express, React, Redux, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL; additional instruction on data structures and algorithms.

May 2018

Queens College, City University of New York

Bachelor of Arts - Applied Mathematics

CS Courses: Algorithms, OOP in Java, OOP in C++, Data Structures, Computer Organization & Assembly Language

Mathematics Courses: Linear Programming, Nonlinear Programming, Advanced Linear Algebra, Number theory, Game theory, Mathematical Problem Solving, Probability & Statistics, Chaotic Dynamical Systems, Advanced Calculus, Differential Geometry

May 2016


Programming Languages & Tools