Mario Villacreses

Boston, MA Contact

I'm a software developer currently based in the Greater Boston Area.

After having managed databases for various small businesses for several years, I've decided to take my career to the next level. I've switched over to full-stack web development and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Having graduated with a BA in Applied Mathematics, I'm particularly interested in analytics and security, though my passion for problem solving shines through in whatever tasks are given to me.


Knovva Academy

Full Stack Web Developer
  • Developed user interface components in React, reducing component sizes by up to 50%
  • Worked with a cloud architect to build analytics dashboards for project managers and student relationship managers.
November 2018 - Present

New World Odyssey Import & Export, Inc.

Co-founder & Webmaster
  • Built and maintained an online catalog of medical technologies using HTML5, CSS, and jQuery
  • Researched and maintained database of U.S.-manufactured medical technologies
November 2013 - May 2014

HFP Capital Markets

  • Catalogued transaction records and customer accounts
  • Prepared transaction reports to streamline the government auditing process
June 2010 - January 2013


Graph Hacks 2018: Buzzword Bingo Hackathon

Winner: Most Complete Project

A recipe recommendation engine built with React, Axios.js, Python 3, and Neo4j graph database platform.

September 2018

NY Sextech Hackathon

Winner: First Place

I collaborated with UI/UX Designers and a certified health education teacher to develop a health education video streaming platform for high schools, built using Firebase & React. The NY Board of Education is considering adoption within select schools.

August 2018


Fullstack Academy of Code

Software engineering immersive focused on full-stack web development using Node, Express, React, Redux, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL; additional instruction on data structures and algorithms.

May 2018

Queens College, City University of New York

Bachelor of Arts - Applied Mathematics

CS Courses: Algorithms, OOP in Java, OOP in C++, Data Structures, Computer Organization & Assembly Language

Mathematics Courses: Linear Programming, Nonlinear Programming, Advanced Linear Algebra, Number theory, Game theory, Mathematical Problem Solving, Probability & Statistics, Chaotic Dynamical Systems, Advanced Calculus, Differential Geometry

May 2016


Programming Languages & Tools