Mario's Career History

This is the timeline of my professional accomplishments, and events that have impacted my career. I hope that, by sharing my experiences, that you'll also be motivated to follow your dreams and to share the story of your journey along the way!

  1. GoDaddy

    Senior Software Engineer

  2. Meta Platforms (Facebook)

    Software Engineer

    My time at Facebook/Meta was spent contributing to their new internal Metrics platform to enable confident decision-making at Meta. This is a relatively new initiative to build the backbone of metrics at data infra.

    • Headed backend reliability design for metric authoring API

    • Upgraded frontend codebase for metric catalog to improve user experience and customer retention

    • Wrote modern, performant, and robust code for a diverse array of client and internal projects

    • Coordinated discussions with graphic designers, UX engineers, and project managers for feature proposals

    • Leveraged chron jobs to optimize metric resource management

    • Streamlined data model versioning with atomic Hack APIs

    • Guided interns on best practices for internal tooling, coding, debugging, and documentation


    Software Engineer - Apps Team

    Worked on the Apps team, which was responsible for building the mobile front-end for customer-facing apps.

    • Spearheaded development of UI library for company's new flagship app.

    • Constructed realtime geographic visualization of COVID-19 outbreak, which was used heavily in marketing towards new users.

    • Streamlined analytics collection and metric vizualization using Retool.

  4. Knovva Academy

    Full stack web developer

    • Standardized UI components, reducing non-business frontend code by 80%

    • Collaborated with cloud architect to build administrative and analytics tools for entire company.

  5. Socratex

    Co-founder & Lead Developer

    • Collaborated with UI/UX Designer and high school teacher in hackathon to develop video-based platform for sex education.

    • 1st Place Winner at NY Sextech Hackathon, featured in BK Mag, Forbes, and Men's Health

    • Project considered for official curriculum integration within select NYC high schools.

  6. Graph Hacks 2018

    1st place winner

  7. NYC SexTech Hackathon 2018

    1st Place Winner

  8. Fullstack Academy

    Cohort FSA-1802

  9. CUNY Queens College

    Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics

  10. New World Odyssey

    Co-founder & Webmaster

    • Built and maintained an online catalog of medical technologies using HTML5, CSS, and jQuery

    • Researched and maintained database of U.S.-manufactured medical technologies